"Thank you, thank you, thank you for winning my case. No attorney has ever cared so much about me. I've never had an attorney believe in me before." - Jason Saunders's former theft client, who was released from jail following a successful appeal.

Notable Cases

Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Sentence for defendant convicted of drug offense reversed: Showed that the trial court unlawfully denied the defendant’s request for a drug offender sentencing alternative (DOSA), which would give him an opportunity to get drug treatment in the community rather than spend his entire sentence in prison. A new sentencing hearing was ordered. (Jason Saunders)

Drug conviction reversed due to constitutional right to privacy violation: Persuaded appellate court that the search of a car passenger and his personal possessions was an illegal invasion of privacy. The passenger’s conviction was reversed. (Jason Saunders)

Drug conviction reversed due to unlawful police search: When police found a young man and his friend in an area where many car thefts had occurred, they stopped him, frisked him, opened a small container found in his pocket and found drugs. After persuading the appellate court that the search was illegal, the conviction was reversed. (Jason Saunders)

Right to appeal a standard range sentence: Successfully argued on appeal that the defendant, given a “standard range” sentence for his drug offense, had the right to appeal that sentence. (Kim Gordon)