"Thank you for the faith and confidence in our case and my son. You have certainly demonstrated the 'just' in the justice system." - Mother of Jason Saunders's theft client.

Notable Cases

Juvenile Cases

Deferred disposition for $76,000 theft: Obtained a deferred disposition to one count of Possessing Stolen Property in the First Degree for a 17-year-old accused of being involved in stealing and trafficking more than $76,000 in computer equipment. Client did not serve any time in custody, and was ordered to pay approximately $1,500 in restitution. At the end of the deferral period, the case was dismissed. (Kim Gordon)

Juvenile charged as adult sent back to juvenile court: Persuaded prosecutor to substantially reduce the charges against a 16-year-old facing multiple counts of first-degree assault and deadly weapon enhancements. As a result, client served 30-72 weeks in juvenile detention instead of more than 16 years in an adult prison. (Kim Gordon)

Possession of cocaine conviction reversed due to unlawful search: Juvenile court found a young woman guilty of possession for cocaine that police seized from a container inside her grocery bag. Persuaded the Court of Appeals to reverse the conviction by arguing that the police illegally removed and opened the container without any basis to believe that it had contraband or a weapon inside. (Jason Saunders)

Minor’s revocation of deferred sentence reversed: A minor was given a deferred sentence on the condition that she had no new charges for a full year, but she was charged with a new offense after she had completed 360 days and only had five days remaining on her sentence. Persuaded the court that she “substantially complied” with her sentence and did not have to go to jail. (Jason Saunders)

Juvenile conviction overturned on appeal: Successfully argued that juvenile could not be convicted of misdemeanor assault and malicious harassment for the same act. (Kim Gordon)

Minor’s conviction for having alcohol reversed: A minor in possession of alcohol conviction was reversed after successfully arguing that the State did not prove that alcohol was being consumed in a public place. (Jason Saunders)