"Thank you for the faith and confidence in our case and my son. You have certainly demonstrated the 'just' in the justice system." - Mother of Jason Saunders's theft client.

Notable Cases

Sex Offenses

Rape charges dismissed: Obtained dismissal of rape charges for two clients after demonstrating that they were innocent. A third case was resolved with a plea to misdemeanor assault and no further jail time after convincing 10 of 12 jurors to acquit. (Kim Gordon)

Child molestation conviction reversed: Successfully argued that the court erred when it allowed the jury to hear evidence that the defendant had a “lustful disposition.” (Kim Gordon)

Sex offender wins new civil commitment evidentiary hearing: A new evidentiary hearing was obtained for a civilly committed sex offender who had previously been denied the opportunity to show he was no longer a danger to the community. (Jason Saunders)

Conviction for a sex offense reversed and dismissed: A defendant convicted of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes had his conviction reversed and the charge dismissed because the State had not established that the conduct alleged was a communication to engage in sexual misconduct. (Jason Saunders)

Court erroneously revoked special sex-offender sentence: Successfully argued that the trial court exceeded its authority when it revoked client’s SSOSA sentence.  The alternative sentence was reinstated. (Kim Gordon)

Due-process protections for sex offender: Won appeal requiring the court to give a defendant due process protections before revoking his special sex offender alternative sentence. (Kim Gordon)